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Tichá dolina

Tichá dolina is the westernmost valley of Vysoké Tatry, thus separating Vysoké Tatry from Západné Tatry (Western Tatras). At the same time it is one of the longest valleys in VT with a length of 16 km. The valley is impressively large, rugged, wild, with old forests; on the other hand it not yet typical alpine valley. In this valley, the forests are damaged by avalanches, wind, fire and bark beetle. For the best access to the valley you should start at the village Podbanské (940), which is located on the right bank of Belá (mountain river). At the junction of Tichá voda (stream) and Kôprový potok (stream)/creating Belá/ is located the lodge belonging to TANAP (National Park administration). There is a marked forest road in the valley. The hiking trail diverges from the road in the upper section of the valley and continues up through the Tomanova dolina (valley) until it reaches Tomanovo sedlo (saddle). This saddle is the boundary between the group of Červené vrchy (mountain range) and rest of Západné Tatry. Next hiking trail diverges from the road and leads to Kasprový vrch (slovak-polish state boundary, on the top of the hill is the cable car station). There is a marked hiking trail leading from Tichá dolina to the saddle Závory and then to Kôprová dolina. You can access the Hladké sedlo and Ľaliové sedlo (saddles) from the saddle Závory by following the marked hiking trails. The Ľaliové sedlo is the western beginning of Vysoké Tatry’ main ridge.