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Dolina Suchej vody
Zadný Handel
Predný Handel-Krivánsky žlab

Važecká dolina is located on the SE flanks of Kriváň (peak). There is one side valley called dolina Suchej vody. Važecká dolina is encircled by (without considering the side valley) south ridge of Krátka (peak) on E – so-called Jamský hrebeň – Jamské veže towers), Krátka veža, Jamská kopa (last peak of the ridge). Next section of encirclement is created by the grassy slopes of SW spur of Sedielková kopa (peak). Then northern section of the valley is encircled by Krátka (peak), Špára (saddle) and Rameno Kriváňa (spur). On W- Kriváň (peak), NE ridge of Kriváň, S ridge, Daxnerovo sedlo (saddle), Malý Kriváň which is sloping gently towards the wide flat mountainside and towards the forest. The valley starts at Špára saddle, continues in southern direction through Zadný Handel, Predný Handel (basins) and poľana pod Babou (mountain meadow). Beneath the lowest part of the valley is located Jamy. Jamy is located exactly between the Veľký Zlomiskový potok (stream) and Pavlová (mountain meadow). Jamy is a name for a broken terrace with several humps and holes overgrown with forest and mountain pines. Up to Predný Handel the valley itself is approximately 2,5 km long. The lower section is wide and the gradient decreases. Here the valley turns to SE. In the lower section of the valley is located large oblong poľana – Predný Handel (1600m), in the middle section of the valley is Zadný Handel (1850). In the upper and narrow section of he valley, between the Jamský hrebeň, Špára and Malý kriváň (above the stone-scree mound) is located huge Krivánsky kotol (cirque). There are massive E flanks of Kriváň right above this cirque. There is a small tarn on SW of this cirque called Malé Krivánske pliesko. Above this is located 400 m long Krivánske Zelené pleso. Beneath the valley, SE from its mouth is located Jamské pleso. There is a stream flowing down the valley called Veľký Zlomiskový potok. The source is Krivánske Zelené pleso. Getting there: follow the red hiking trail from Štrbské pleso and then the blue hiking trail leading to Kriváň. This blue trail is “touching” the valley, but the valley itself does not contain hiking trail.