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Mlynická dolina

Mlynická dolina is located between the ridge of Bašty on E and the ridge of Solisko on W. The valley is 6 km long, opened to south and the northern enclosure of the valley is beautiful pyramid of Štrbský štít (peak). At the beginning of the valley is Štrbské pleso (tarn), which is located behind the terminal moraine of former Mlynický glacier. At the glacier is the historical center of settlement called Štrbské Pleso. The stream called Mlynický potok flows down the valley but does not join the tarn but turns left and continues to Popradská kotlina to join the river Poprad. The lower part of the valley is owergrown with trees and there is a ski area FIS (the base station of cable car to Solisko). Above the huge terrace, which separates this part of valley, is located pleso nad Skokom (tarn). The outlet of this tarn creates the famous waterfall Skok. At the middle terrace of the valley is located the little and oblong tarn called Nižné Kozie pleso. The southern spur of Štrbský štít divides the upper section of the valley into two cirques; there are Vyšné kozie plesá (tarns) in eastern cirque and Capie pleso and Okrúhle pleso are in the western cirque. There is a marked hiking trail leading to Bystré sedlo (saddle) and Furkotská dolina (valley).