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Ľadová - Železná kotlina
Rumanova dolinka
Dračia dolinka

Zlomisková dolina is the NE branch of Mengusovská dolina; at the beginning of this side valley is located famous Popradské pleso (tarn). There are two northern side valleys located within the Zlomisková dolina: Dračia and Rumanova dolinka (little valleys). The Rumanova dolinka, tarns, saddle and the peak carry the name of Slovak mountain guide Ján Ruman-Driečny (1879) from Štôla (village) who guided a tourists in western part of mountain range in second half of 19th cetury. There are several interesting destination for climbers: Vysoká, Ošarpance, Dračí štít, Ganek, Východný Železný štít and many others. There are no official hiking trails in valley, but there is a well-trodden path leading to Ľadové pleso in upper section of the valley; then it is possible to enter the Rumanova dolinka and you can get around the Rumanove plesá beneath Ošarpance and across the Dračie sedlo (saddle - cairns) to the Dračia dolinka, where you can find steep E walls of ridge of Kôpky and main gully of Vysoká. It is possible to pass the Východná Železná brána (saddle) and descent into the Kačacia dolina (valley).