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Velická dolina-Kvetnica
Horná Kvetnica-Velický kotol

Velická dolina is situated to S, it is 5,5 km long with several terraces. It is separated from Veľká Studené dolina on E by the ridge of massif of Bradavica (peak), from Bielovodská dolina (including lateral ridges) on N and NW by the main ridge of Vysoké Tatry and from Batizovská dolina on W by immense massif of Gerlachovský štít (peak). The valley is encircled on the right side by Granátové veže (towers) with their faces and Bradavica. In the enclosure of the valley is on the lefts side located indistinctive Východná Vysoká (peak) and Velický štít (peak) and on the right side of the valley are towering the mighty peaks of Zadný Gerlach and Gerlachovský štít. In the middle of the valley is located mountain hotel called Sliezsky dom (right at the bank of Velické pleso/tarn). There is a green hiking trail in the valley connecting the southern and northern part of mountains and at the bottom of the valley is the red hiking trail (magistrála). Getting there: From Tatranská Polianka follow the green hiking trail until you reach Sliezsky dom (2 hours). From Starý Smokovec: take a cable car to Hrebienok (7 min.) and then follow the red hiking trail to Sliezsky dom (2 hours).