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Slavkovská dolinka

The enclosure of Slavkovská dolinka is the ridge of Granátové veže (towers) that is jutting out from Bradavica (peak) to SE and whole ridge/massif of Slavkovský štít on E. The valley is quite small, but nevertheless beautiful and interesting. It is untouched by tourism, while the red hiking trail (magistrála) is located beneath the entrance of the valley, which is located towards SE, and the trail avoids the valley itself. There are three hidden tarns (Slavkovské plieska) in mountain pine forest above the magistrála (1676 m, one is permanent, two other dry up). The character of the valley is dictated by Bradavica and Rohatá veža (tower). The south faces of this peak and tower are mirrored on the surface of Szontágovo pleso (tarn). There are several perfectly preserved terminal morains. Senná kopa, which is located right above the valley entrance, is huge lateral moraine of quite small, 3 km long and 400 - 800 m wide Slavkovský ľadovec (glacier). Due to the disasters (mostly forest fires) the soil and vegetation is quite unstable. To get to the valley, you shall start either at Hrebienok (cable car from Starý Smokovec), mountain hotel Sliezsky dom or Starý Smokovec.