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Dolina bielych plies
Červená dolina
Malá Zmrzlá dolina
Veľká Zmrzlá dolina
Medená kotlina
Dolina Zeleného plesa

Dolina Bielej vody Kežmarskej the most eastern valley located on southern side of Vysoké Tatry. The length of this valley is 7 km. The lower section of valley is filled with dense woods and the upper section is divided into three separate valleys: Predné Meďodoly, Dolina Bielych plies and Dolina Zeleného plesa, where are the most interesting climbing grounds. This last valley is in the center of impressive stone amphitheater of four smaller, but wild hanging valleys: Červená dolinka, Malá Zmrzlá dolina, Veľká Zmrzlá dolina and Medená kotlina. The Dolina Bielej vody Kežmarskej is encircled from (cardinal directions): N – section of Belianske Tatry, W – Vysoké Tatry‘ main ridge, SW (considered as if looking from Malá Studená dolina) – the massif of Lomnický štít (peak), SE (considered as if looking from Skalnatá dolina and Huncovská kotlina/basin) – massif and the ridge of Kežmarský štít and Malý Kežmarský štít. The prominent peaks above this valley are: Jahňací štít, Jastrabia veža, Kolový štít, Čierny štít, Baranie rohy, Pyšný štít, Lomnický štít, Kežmarský a malý Kežmarský štít. Accommodation: In the Dolina Zeleného plesa there is mountain chalet (Brnčalova chata) at the mountain lake/tarn of the same name as the valley (Zelené pleso).Getting there: From Tatranské Matliare to the chalet - follow the blue hiking trail until you reach Šalviový prameň. Then follow the yellow hiking trail until you reach the chalet. Take a bus from Tatranské Lomnica to Kežmarská Biela Voda station and follow the yellow hiking trail until you reach the chalet.